IQAC Policies

The college has a very dynamic ingenious quality assurance cell that is duty bound to assess, evaluate and direct the faculty and staff in developing and executing novel methods in the acquisition and imparting of knowledge.  It plays a pivotal role in the enhancement of the quality of the teachers by ensuring different self improvement courses and by helping them in their search for academic excellence. It is the honor and duty of IQAC to submit reports of self appraisal to the NACC.  It oversees the enhancement of the institution, both external and internal.

The college invariably and inevitably   has a mission and vision statement, that respects the overall expectation of the stake holders.

  • Policy and procedures for quality assurance.

The college has developed its own policy parameters, to evaluate assess and implement different programmes. It is rooted in its vision of the development of culture and cultural values, with a stress on quality. The college develops a well planned strategy for the continuous enhancement of the teaching learning process. The strategies and policies have a formal status and they are made available to the public and the stakeholders.

  • The college has different agencies for the approval, periodic review and monitoring of their programmes and awards.
  • The students are assessed on the basis of the guidelines provided by the university and the institutions own vision and mission.

The college sees to it that the teaching staff are qualified competent and well – equipped to the acquisition and imparting of knowledge. They are assessed and asked to make self-appraisals and have to enhance their commitment to the acquisition of knowledge.

  • The college is committed to its vision and mission statement and resources are made available to the students in their learning process. Feed backs are collected regularly, assessments are made and new strategies implemented.   


  • College uses online platforms to give consistently and constantly updated information to the public and to the stakeholders, about the policies, procedures, programmes and awards that are offered.
  • The IQAC’s evaluation is on a par with the institution’s self-assessment and to external reference points. Decisions are made based on higher values such as freedom impartiality, vision and foresight. The decisions are in tune with the mission and vision statement. The evaluations are made by different groups, panels teams and committees, but the decisions are made and implemented on a higher level.
  • Self evaluation and external evaluation are well documented. Self evaluation examines the purpose, procedures, expectations and outcomes. The documentation distinguishes between targets and achievements. External evaluation consists of the standards used, the decision criteria, assessment methods reporting, format etc. If external evaluation is followed by accreditation the accreditation details are placed in the public domain.
  • Human and financial resources are resorted to, to organize and run the process of external evaluation in an effective and efficient manner.
  • External quality assurance is a major concern of the college, and there is a systematic approach which ensures that external qualities are well maintained.
  • Periodic reviews of external quality assurance are held within a frame work of time. The process and procedures are defined and published well in advance.

Follow-up procedures: consistent follow –up procedures ensure that the recommendations are implemented on time, and subsequent action plans also are envisaged


IQAC Policies

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