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Code of Conduct



  1. College admissions are strictly based on university norms.
  2. Application forms and prospectus under management quota can be obtained from the college office on payment of Rs. 500/- for UG Programmes and Rs. 1000/- for PG Programmes.
  3. Applications incomplete in any respect will be summarily rejected.
  4. The principal reserves the right to reject admission/ readmission to any student, without assigning reasons.
  5. Any students who take part in any demonstration, Hartal, Agitation or activities of similar nature political or otherwise in and around the premises of the college shall be denied the right to admission for higher learning in this institution without assigning any reason for the same.
  6. No change of optional or second language will be allowed after admission.
  7. Qualifying certificate and mark list once deposited will not be returned except when the student leaves the college. Hence they are advised to keep sufficient numbers of attested copies of these documents.
  8. Fees once remitted shall not be refunded.


  1. Each working day is divided into two sessions, the morning session consisting of three periods and the afternoon session consisting of two periods. (Or as specified by the University/Govt. from time to time)
  2. Students must be in their seats by the second bell at the beginning of the session. At the third bell they shall stand up for prayer.
  3. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period.
  4. Late comers should not enter the class nor should any student leave the class without the permission of the Principal /Vice Principal in charge.
  5. All working days irrespective of the number of periods shall be considered as full working days.
  6. The semestral certificates of attendance and progress required by the university for admission to the university examination will not be granted unless:-

The student has attended not less than three fourths number of working days during the academic year and the principal is satisfied with the progress and conduct of the student.

  1. Students are not permitted to absent themselves without leave for the whole or part of a day.
  2. Absence without leave for one period or a session will be considered as half day of absence.
  3. Leave for one period or an hour may be granted by the teacher in charge of the class. A student who absents himself/herself for a day or more may be granted leave on submission of application for leave to the Principal with the recommendation of the HOD or the class teacher concerned. Leave shall not be granted on flimsy grounds.
  4. Absence without leave from any examination, seminar and lab shall be reported by the respective teachers to the principal.
  5. In case of absence from internal examination leave should be obtained from the Principal.
  6. A student absenting without leave for more than 10 consecutive days without satisfactory explanation will have his/her name removed from the rolls.
  7. A student absenting for a period exceeding 5 working days with or without leave should report himself/herself to the principal on his/her return to the college.
  8. Students absenting from internal examination without grave reason will not get further chance, of writing the exam.
  9. Students who have less than 75% attendance should obtain permission from the University for writing university examinations. College has no responsibility in this regard.
  10. Attendance will be marked and reported to the university as per rules.
  11. Each day attendance will be closed at 9.50 am during the first hour. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of all other hours.
  12. Students who avail themselves of leave for a period of more than one day will have to submit their request in writing to the Principal with the recommendation of the class teachers.
  13. For full day leave of absence, students have to submit their requests with the signed consent of the parent and class teacher. Application for leave must be countersigned by parent & class teacher.


1. All students shall be in the class by 9.35 am or as notified by the University/ College from time to time.

2. Students are not to hang about in the town and at the bus waiting shelter. Those who arrive early are to spend their time in the library. Do not loiter on the Verandahs or crowd round near the stair case.


1. Wear uniforms on all working days. Shirts are to be buttoned up ID cards are to be worn around the neck. Wear your shirts in a decent manner. Uniform pants must be executive type. It is compulsory for boys to tuck in their shirts. Anybody entering the campus without uniform and ID card will be charged a fine of Rs. 50/-. Violation of dress code will be treated as misconduct attracting disciplinary action.


  1. It is hoped that the following guidelines/rules will be of help to the students in conducting themselves courteously and in accordance with the highest standards of decency.
  2. Every morning, class begins with the prayer song. Come to attention when the song begins and keep standing till it ends, wherever you are in the campus, whether in the class or outside.
  3. Students shall rise from their seats and greet the teacher when the teacher enters the classroom and when the teacher leaves.
  4. No student shall enter or leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher concerned. She/he shall not be sent home without the written request of the parent/guardian.
  5. Students are expected to spend their free hours in the library/reading room. They should not loiter along the verandahs or crowd round at the corridors and staircase. They are not permitted to enter class rooms other than their own.
  6. Nothing is more appreciated in a student than courteous and mannerly behavior. Show due respect to your teachers and the other staff of the college. Greet them when you meet them inside or outside the campus. Every student shall behave and conduct himself/herself in the college and the hostel in a dignified and courteous manner.
  7. Students are expected to be properly dressed.
  8. Consumption of alcohol, smoking etc. is strictly prohibited in the campus and the hostel and action will be initiated against those who are found to have violated this rule.
  9. Do not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. with graffiti bills, etc. Learning not to damage property whether public or private is one of the primary requirements of civilized behavior.
  10. Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than those permitted by the principal. Strikes are strictly prohibited in the college campus and its premises. Nobody shall instigate or take part in any strike inside the campus.
  11. In case students have any grievance or complaint they shall approach the class teacher first. If they are not satisfied they may approach the H.O.D and then if needed, appeal to the principal.
  12. Any student who is persistently insubordinate, who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, who is guilty of fraud or malpractice in connection with examinations or who in the opinion of the Principal is likely to have an unwholesome influence on fellow students shall be removed from the rolls.
  13. As per the Govt. order No. Rt/No.346/05/ Higher Edn. dt.1-3-2005 students are not allowed to use mobile phone on the campus. In the event of any violation of this rule, the Principal or the teachers shall seize the phone and impose appropriate punishment as per Government Order.
  14. All students should wear their identity cards when they are in the college campus. They will have to produce and show the same to the Principal, to members of the staff or such other person authorized by the Principal. The student may be asked to leave the campus for not producing the same when requested to do so.
  15. Anyone who is suspended from the college shall not enter the college campus unless and until his/her suspension is revoked by the college authorities, or without the prior written permission from the principal.
  16. No outsider should be invited to the college without the consent of the principal.
  17. All kinds of applications submitted to the office by the staff, students and others must be complete in all respects. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  18. No one shall engage in or conduct any activity which is detrimental to the reputation and interests of the institution. Publishing posts, comments, news in social media against college, students, teaching staff,