JPM Women's Cell

Women's Cell

Women's Cell

The WDC is an integral part of I.Q.A.C. It has been consists in accordance with the rules and regulations of the government and M.G University statutes. It aims at empowering women and it serves as a watchdogs against atrocities committed against women.

                  The governing body of the WDC consists of the chairperson, secretary and seven member representing seven departments. The representatives of the college also is IPSO facto its member.

                 Lady students if they have complaints if any can submit their complaints, in person as written complaints or through the e-mail id of the WDC. The complaint is then handed over to the secretary, who in her turn depends one or two teachers, as the case may be to study, to make and to submit a report. Enquires the report is submitted to the chairperson. The chairperson convinces a meeting of the office bearers and necessary decisions are conveyed to the principal and the final decision is taken by the principal.

Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell Chairperson

Prof.Rosanna Davis   9446918768

Women Development Cell Secretary

Silja P.D- 8547665182

Sreedevi Gopal- 9544361320

Anju C P- 7558052554  

Sulu P Thampi- 8156906883

Priyamol C D- 8606869048   

Chinnu Mary Joseph- 9446858579