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The Master of Social Work (MSW) programme is designed to train the candidates catering to the demands for professionally trained social workers to work as social development professionals. The syllabus and curriculum was modified in 2012 to restructure the programme as per the Mahatma Gandhi University Regulations of Credit Semester System (MGU – CSS – PG).

The present revision emphasis the importance of core competence in social work profession with due importance to field based learning and reflection which is a unique feature and an integral part of social work education and training. The programme objectives and learning outcomes are visualized for providing the learners a holistic perspective in social work practice along with a deeper insight into particular specialized functional areas. The field based experience can develop the ability of the learners to integrate knowledge, values and skills required and appropriate for professional practice in social work. Research based practices and continuous connect of the learners to the realities of the social world through varied sensitizing programmes, are some of the salient features of social work education and training. All the basic tenets of social work profession as well as emerging challenges in professional social work practices are discussed in the revised curriculum in a systematic manner which shall train the learner for a professional practice in social work.

Job Opportunities

The employment areas for graduates of Master of Social Work [MSW] are: Clinics Correction Cells Counselling Centers Disaster Management Department Education Sector Gender Issues Associations or Groups Health Industry Hospitals HR Department of Industries Human Rights Agencies M.N.C's Mental Hospitals Natural Resources Management Companies NGO's Old Age Homes Prisons

Further Study

Doctor of Social Work (DSW) Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work Ph.D. in Social Work