P.T.A shall function at two levels for administrative ease and effective interaction.

The Departmental Parent Teacher Association

There shall be a Departmental Parent Teacher Association for each programme with Principal as the chairman and teachers and the parents of the concerned department as members. The DPTA shall elect from among them an executive committee. One Parent representing each year of the programme and a lady representative elected from among the parents shall be the members of the executive committee. Chairman may nominate not more than two members from among the faculty to the executive committee. Office bearers shall be as follows.
1) Chairman - Principal
2) Convener- Head of the Department
3) Vice president - Members of the elected committee representing parents elected by and from among the members of the executive Committee.
4) Secretary cum Treasurer - Chairman may nominate member of the executive committee representing teachers. There shall be at least one meeting of the general body of the DPTA in an academic year. All meeting of the DPTA can be convened only with the concurrence of the principal.

General PTA

General body of the P.TA shall consist of the Principal, Manager,Bursar, Members of the faculty, Administrative assistants, Parents of all students in the rolls of the college register. An executive body shall be constituted for the P.T.A with Manager, Principal, Bursar, two members from DPTAs (one female and one male) conveners of the DPTAs and administrative assistants The office bearers shall be as follows.
The President: A parent (preferably a graduate) who is a representative in the executive body elected by and from the members of the executive body.
The Secretary: A member nominated from the members of the teaching faculty by the Principal
The Treasurer: - A member nominated from the members of the teaching faculty by the Principal
The executive body shall meet at least once in a year. The President shall preside over the meeting. The Secretary shall convene the meeting with the concurrence of the Principal and will be the custodian of the Minutes book. The executive body of the PTA may authorize the Principal for levying and collection of the developmental financial assistance from the students, parents of the student's alumni or other agencies. The quorum for meeting shall be one third of its members.

Fee Payment For New Admission