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Programme List: 2020-2021 Academic Year

BA English First Year

  1. Survival Stories: English Film Review on films of the stories of survival like Life is Beautiful, Schindler's List etc.
  2. India Quiz (Online quiz on India's history and constitution)
  3. Gandhiji Colours: (Pencil drawing competition on important events in Gandhijis life)
  4. The Spirit Translation: A competition of Malayalam translation from English of selected poems.
  5. Debate (Online Google meet debate on a relevant topic like "Resistance to Covid 19 Indian approach was a failure or Success?")
  6. Green Challenge ( Cultivation of a grocery garden or challenge to plant 10 to 100 trees this year)
  7. Research Competition ( A competition in doing research in a particular topic and it's presentation like Post Covid psychology of students...or Post Covid friendships ...or Possibility of Idukki District or Tourism of your area)
  8. Souvenir of a Covid 19 survival (Art and craft competition)
  9. YouTube channel post competition on a particular topic like cookery or travel or film review or IT apps introduction etc.
  10. Digital poster competition on a topic like Covid 19 awareness India's role in Modern World, International fraternity , Human rights or Anti-racism .

BA English Second Year

  1. Debate –should literature simply represent life/humanity or should speak to convey higher morality /divinity
  2. Online quiz
  3. Creative artwork description
  4. Spelling marathon
  5. Blog writing & live reporting
  6. Collash: Heroes of corona days
  7. Lockdown handicrafts exhibition
  8. Poster designing
  9. Cartoons/pencil drawings –Covid 19
  10. Bottle art

BA English Third Year

  1. Literary Quiz
  2. Haiku
  3. Reading Challenge
  4. Spell B
  5. Story Telling
  6. Mock Press
  7. Soliloquy
  8. Literary dumb charades
  9. Short Film
  10. Treasure hunt

MA English First Year

  1. Book Review - within Department
  2. Story Telling - within College
  3. Mobile photography- within Class
  4. Shakespeare on stage (dress up as any Shakespearean character)- within department
  5. Recitation - within College
  6. Alternative story ending- within Department
  7. Story on a page (graphic representation of the given story in a single page) - department
  8. News Reading- College level
  9. Quiz- within Department
  10. Spot Poetry writing - within Class

MA English Second Year

  1. Book Review& Film Review
  2. Literature Trivia Quiz Series
  3. Book Cover Designing
  4. Mobile Photography
  5. Live Reporting Of an event
  6. Pick and Speak
  7. Creative writing series
  8. Disguise Personality contest
  9. Extempore
  10. Soliloquy competition