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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


JPM Arts and Science College; a leading educational institution under Mahatma Gandhi University; is an academic alliance of individuals committed to the motto of "LIGHTED TO ENLIGHTEN'. The vision of the college is to impart value based quality education to the progeny of the migrant population of the High Ranges; thereby equipping them to face the challenges the global world offers. The stress is on the humanness of the human person-the dignity and the honour of belonging to the human kind. The vision of JPMistomould and to transform students into responsible and committed citizens who are well equipped to venture out and face life and deal with what life has to offer. JPM, has its base its option for the under privileged in the rural areas of the High Ranges.


The mission of the college is to impart quality education to the children of this land-locked, hence marginalized, migrant population. Good education is the key to the magic world of opportunities in today's global village. This had to be accessible to the people of the High Ranges, which is incandescent with the fragrance of coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom. The Word' which was at the beginning had to be transferred and planted in this fertile soil so that it took life and lived and expresseditself in fecundity. Students are given comprehensiive training to live and flourish in the digitalized world and to leave behind a legacy that others canemulate.