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The two year M.A. program in economics having four semesters is based on rigorous training in economic theory as well as data analysis. The thrust areas of study are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade, Public Finance, Indian Economy and Development Economics; apart from these core courses students also have the opportunity for opting complementary courses that aim to provide an in-depth training in that area of Economics. In both core and optional courses, students will be required to apply theoretical concepts to practical applications using a wide array of mathematical tools. As part of the project works, PG students are involved in socio-economic surveys.

Job Opportunities

The knowledge of economics enables one to understand the subtle intricacies of the ever-changing competitive world that we live in. For a post graduate in Economics, job opportunities are plenty. Teaching at school, college and post graduate levels, applied research in government and non-governmental organizations, opportunities in fast growing private sector enterprises in trade, commerce and management, banking, government agencies and departments and civil services like the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Economic Service. In short for a truly worthy and hardworking student, the sky is the limit.

Further Study

After successful completion of the program, students can pursue M.Phil, Economics and certificate courses