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The Department of Economics came into existence on 16th September 2015. We offer a postgraduate program in Economics. There are four faculty members in the department. The PG department of Economics secures cent percent result in the university examinations, and the department has been successful in securing higher grades in the recent past. We aim to mold qualified and well trained students. Also at most care is given to the outcome based education. All the faculties of the department follow participatory learning methods. As a part of the innovative teaching methodology, students are given exposure to computer based skills. The department enhances leadership quality, enthusiasm, co-operation and civic consciousness among students. Extra-curricular activities of the students are also encouraged. The department conducts workshops and seminars on various topics at the department level and encourages the students to participate in national and international seminars and workshops.

Job Opportunities

The knowledge of economics enables one to understand the subtle intricacies of the ever-changing competitive world that we live in. For a post graduate in Economics, job opportunities are plenty. Teaching at school, college and post graduate levels, applied research in government and non-governmental organizations, opportunities in fast growing private sector enterprises in trade, commerce and management, banking, government agencies and departments and civil services like the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Economic Service. In short for a truly worthy and hardworking student, the sky is the limit.

Further Study

After successful completion of the program, students can pursue M.Phil, Economics and certificate courses

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