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BA English Language and Literature (Model 1)

The English department has a pride of place among all the departments of the college. It offers both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Degree programmes in English Language and Literature.The B A course in English Language and Literature was started in 2010 and the M A was started in 2011. The University has sanctioned 40 seats (10 marginal increase)for the undergraduate course and 20seats (6 marginal increase) for the post graduate course. It is a full-fledged department with a team of thirteen Assistant Professors and two visiting Professors who are committed to their vocation of nurturing, shaping and nourishing young minds. The students of the department participate wholeheartedly in all the activities of the college. Their contribution to the fame and prestige of the college has been immense. Apart from focusing on the amended academic excellence of the students, it persuades them to find and reach pertinent careers in various walks of life. It has produced authors,teachers,researchers, actors, poets, novelists, journalists, anchors and many to say.Foremostfeats of the department are of its contribution of a great number of English Teachers regularly to schools and colleges in the high ranges as well as the deployment of its passionate students of UG batches to become toppers of University centers and other institutions.
Visiting Faculty
Dr Mathew Joseph. (Former Vice Principal and HoD, Department of English, St. Thomas College, Pala) Prof. TRS Iyer. (Former HoD,Department of English, St. Thomas College, Pala)

Job Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities for a graduate or a post graduate in English Literature, among them the widely chosen profession is teaching. One can be an English teacher from Primary schools to Colleges, including national and international opportunities. English has become the universal language. It is the language of the digital world. Hence there are plentiful opportunities of employment. Other professions include Writer/Author, translator, Journalist, PROs, Content Writer in ad industry, Scholars, Linguists etc.

Further Study

After the successful completion of a B A degree one can join any of the post graduate programmes under humanities.A post graduate in English can apply for an M Phil in the concerned subject or can go on to research into various areas of human interest like literature itself or areas related to literature like Cultural studies, Feminism, Ecology etc.

Fee Payment For New Admission