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PG - M.Sc Computer Science

Heavenly muse St. John Paul 2 and Heavenly Patroness St. Therese of child Jesus abide JPM Arts and Science college embedded in its mission and vision and the institution propagate its motto Lighted to enlighten. In this garden of wisdom Department of Computer Science is a fruitful one. The department offers programmes related to information technology, software development and application. As we all know today all of our daily activities are truly related to information technology. So the department ensures students ability to competes with large opportunities around the world. We offer an under graduate programme Bachelor of Computer Applications, BCA and a post graduate programme M.Sc Computer Science. Both are able to make students capable of facing newer technologies and their job dreams.

Job Opportunities

M.Sc Computer Science offers job opportunities in Teaching, Information Technology, Software development, Networking, User interface design, and web application development.

Further Study

M.Phil. Doctoral degree ,and specialized certificate course in software development or networking.

Fee Payment For New Admission