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JPM Arts & Science College, Kanchiyar

Mahatma Gandhi Swayam Shakthikaran Nutan Pariyojana (MGSSNP)

An Innovative Practice of IQAC

JPM Arts and Science College has implemented a new project called Mahatma Gandhi Swayam Shakthikaran Nutan Pariyojana. This has been introduced as an innovative practice of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The project was inaugurated by Dr.Mohammed Basheer, Professor, Department of Arabic Studies, Assam University and Former Vice-Chancellor of University of Calicut, Kerala on 9th September 2020. 

One of the great dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, for India was the self-empowerment of its people. Empowering the individual to take control, to function and to lead fulfilling lives was one of his aims. By transforming the individual, Gandhiji believed that not only communities and villages but the whole Nation could be made self-reliant. This holistic program includes a set of measures designed to empower and enable the individual learners, her/his family, as well as the community to an increased degree of autonomy and selfreliance. 

Aims and Objectives  

  1. To conduct value-added programmes for students and certificate programmes/workshops, etc. for students, parents, teachers, and public. 
  2. To empower the people who are supposed to support the student in her/his higher studies. 
  3. To enhance the employability of the students and their parents. 
  4. To help students identify goals, set high dreams, and support them in materializing the dreams. 
  5. To promote awareness about financial planning, cost saving methods, resource rationing, environment protection, organic farming, crisis management, etc among students and the maginalised farmers of the landlocked High Ranges. 
  6. To give support and guidance to people to make positive/realistic decisions based one's needs and capabilities. 
  7. To conduct programmes with a view to enhancing the income earning capacity of the people who support the students in their higher studies. 
  8. To help the students meet real-life situations and to bridge the gaps in their creativity. 
  9. To conduct programmes for disadvantaged communities as well as undertake gender equality projects/programmes. 
  10. To undertake such other programmes, projects, courses, seminars, workshops, field works, etc. that promotes the welfare of the learners and their family. 


Programmes Identified under MGSSNP  

  1. Certificate programmes on (a) fashion designing, (b) embroidery, and (c) mask designing in collaboration with WDC. 
  2. Certificate programmes on (a) candle making, and (b) soap making. 
  3. Certificate programme on healthy practices in beautician services in collaboration with WDC. 
  4. Certificate programmes on (a) cookery (b) cake baking, (c) healthy cooking practices. 
  5. Certificate programmes on (a) poster designing, (b) animation, and (c) PPT. 
  6. UGC NET/JRF coaching program for students and staff. 
  7. JPM Teacher Empowerment Programme. 
  8. To start a driving school in collaboration with NSS unit of the college. 
  9. Certificate programme on communicative skill for job interview. 
  10. Certificate programs on (a) organic farming, (b) safe home construction, (c) low-cost home construction, (d) financial plans and schemes suitable for farmers of High Ranges, etc in collaboration with NSS unit in the college. 
  11. To conduct seminar/workshop for students and parents from disadvantaged communities. 
  12. Certificate programme/workshop for mother of girl students on ‘gender equality.’ 
  13. Diploma on Computerised Accounting as a value-added programme. 
  14. Diploma programmes on Data Analysis and Logistics. 
  15. Certificate programme on Banking Literacy and safety measures for Electronic Banking for parents and public. 
  16. Certificate programmes on Financial Literacy. 
  17. Certificate programme on Anchoring and Toastmaster. 
  18. Certificate programme on Adolescent Gender Equality during lockdown targeting the mothers of students in collaboration with WDC. 
  19. Development of a Poor student Aid Fund. 


To conclude, the innovative practice; MGSSNP; aims at holistic development of the students as well as their parents, and those people in the society who are supposed to assist the student in her/his higher studies and career. The project aims at ensuring learners an environment conducive for learning. 


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